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As a mature student, I studied art at Stroud Art College followed by Visual Arts at Cheltenham Art College, graduating with a first class honours degree in 1998. I live in beautiful, rural Herefordshire and work full time as a professional artist exhibiting both locally and nationally.

I specialise in figurative painting, working predominantly with oil on canvas. Increasingly, I have focused my work on narrative paintings.

 My ideas for a new piece of work develop slowly over many months, with the basic idea gradually building into a more complicated story where every element in the picture has a purpose. The inspiration for my work comes from events and incidents in my own life interweaved with my observations and feelings about today’s society.

 The overall concept seeks to portray contemporary life with its emotions, contradictions, tensions and ambiguities. There is no single or “correct” interpretation of the subject matter, nor is it ever complete, rather it is intended to stimulate thoughts and multiple, sometimes conflicting, interpretations in the mind of the viewer. These interpretations come from the viewer’s own experiences of life as applied to the images portrayed, with the result that no two people will see the picture in exactly the same way.






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